Fundraising updates

Thank you to the generous support from Vendors in our Neighbourhood

A Special Thanks to the following:

Paul Eviston/ Portland Craft / Bows and Arrows/ Famous Foods / Choices Markets / Sylvan Learning / Grandview Lanes / Kids Books / Earnest Ice Cream/ Dairy Queen-Fraser/ Kennisgton Community Center/ Canadians Baseball/ Gracie Barra- Main street/ White Spot- Kingsway/ Purdy’s / Super Store/Prado

Pledge sheets have been coming in rapidly, Board members on the PAC have been feverishly counting. Tally to be coming soon, Prizes also not far behind. Thank you to all parents, kids, friends and family who supported this event. Our goal was to raise money for IPad carts for the school, and let’s just say it is looking good.