Our Programs & Services

School Programs

As well as the prescribed curricular requirements and the wide assortment of learning opportunities provided in the regular classroom, McBride School also offers the following:

  • Learning Assistance Centre: Teachers are available to provide additional learning opportunities for students, with special attention to literacy and numeracy, as well as the process of learning. Students may receive support through individual, in class, or small group instructions. Informal assessments may be conducted to assist classroom teachers with program development.
  • Resource Teachers: These teachers provide instruction and support to
    students with identified special needs and their teachers, as well as students who require special assistance in ESL or academic subjects. Meetings are scheduled between parents, classroom teachers, and the Resource Teachers to develop and review an annual Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.).
  • English as a Second Language: Support is available to students for
    whom English is a second Language
  • Music: A music specialist teacher teaches music in most classes, Grades
  • Choir: Students in Grades 4 to 7 have the opportunity to join the choir.
    Rehearsals are held during the lunch hour and after school on specified days.
  • Band: Students in grades 6 and 7 have the opportunity to join the school band.
  • Library: Various opportunities are provided for instruction in the library withthe goal of ensuring that all students are conversant and very familiar with its resources. In addition to print materials, the library also has a collection of videos and CD-ROMs as well as computer terminals for resource search- es and Internet connection.
  • French: All students in Grades 5 through 7 receive instruction twice a week.
  • Computer and Technology: Our computer room contains 28 IBM computers with Internet access through the VSB's Wide Area Network. We have 11 SMARTBOARDS at the school.
  • Sports: The P.E. program stresses sportsmanship, skills development, and fitness. Interschool activities are available for students and House games are offered during lunch hour for some intermediate grades.
  • Student Council: McBride models a democratic community. Each intermediate class has two elected representatives on Student Council.
  • Global Citizenship Club: "Caring for our people, our planet." The club focuses on environmental and social issues.


  • Counselling: An area Counsellor is available to provide various group and individual services in order to assist students requiring support in social, emotional and academic aspects of personal development. Teachers, students and parents may contact the Area Counsellor at the school.
  • Speech and Language: Assessment is provided, upon referral, for individuals who require work with speech difficulties and language development.
  • Psychologist: Through consultation with the School-Based Team, teachers and parents may request education assessments.
  • Community Health Nurse: Is available at the school occasionally to consult with pupils, teachers, and parents. The aim is prevention or early detection of health problems which may affect a child's well being and school performance. In this context, the nurse may also act as a link between school staff and other health department professionals who serve the school, and as a resource person to families for health information, community resources and health counselling.